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Kenwood 2 Piece Metal Whisk Multipro

Kenwood 2 Piece Metal Whisk Multipro

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Kenwood 2 Piece Metal Whisk FPM810 

Compatible with:
FPM800, FPM810, FPM811

If you love baking, you know how important it is to have a good whisk. A whisk can help you create fluffy meringues, smooth batters, airy whipped cream and more. But not all whisks are created equal. Some are too flimsy, some are too bulky, some are hard to clean and some are just plain uncomfortable to use.

That’s why you need the Kenwood 2 Piece Metal Whisk FPM810. This whisk is designed to fit your Kenwood Multipro Sense food processor, giving you the power and versatility of a professional kitchen appliance. Whether you need to whip up a small batch of cream or a large bowl of cake batter, this whisk can handle it with ease.

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