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Kenwood Splash Guard For KVL6, KQL6 Series

Kenwood Splash Guard For KVL6, KQL6 Series

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Kenwood Splashguard for KVL6, KVC5, KQL6 series 

Compatible with:
KVC5000, KVC5001, KVC5010, KVC5020, KVC5030, KVC5040, KVC5050, KVC5100, KVC5320, KVC5350, KVC5391, KVC5401, KVL6000, KVL6010, KVL6020, KVL6030, KVL6040, KVL6050, KVL6100, KVL6300, KVL6320, KVL6324, KVL6330, KVL6350, KVL6370, KVL6410, KQL6100, KQL6200, KQL6300

The splashguard has a wide chute to make it clean, simple and convenient for you to add ingredients while your Chef or Major stand mixer is mixing and protecting your work surface from spills. The splashguard also keeps your bowl dust-free when your machine is not in use.

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