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Kenwood Multi Food Grinder KAX950ME

Kenwood Multi Food Grinder KAX950ME

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The Multi Food Grinder/Food Mincer AT950 is a high performance meat grinder which allows preparation of a huge variety of dishes from home using three inclusive screens fine (3mm), medium (4.5mm) and coarse (8mm).
Includes sausage maker for fresh, healthy home made sausages, and a kibbeh maker for specialist dishes.


High performance allows for preparation of a huge variety of dishes from burgers, lasagne, meat and pies
All metal body and scroll for high quality results even with the toughest meats
3 screens included (Coarse, Medium, Fine)
Versatility: Can grind a variety of meats such as beef, chicken, duck, fish and rabbit
Includes a Sausage maker for fresh, healthy homemade sausages
Includes Kibbeh maker for specialist dishes
AT950 - Bar Fit attachment (Chef and Major Kitchen Machines)
KAX950ME – Twist Fit Attachment (Chef Sense, Chef Sense XL Kitchen Machines)

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