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Jura Impressa F70 Coffee Machine - Pre Loved - 1 Year warranty

Jura Impressa F70 Coffee Machine - Pre Loved - 1 Year warranty

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Jura Impressa F70: The easiest way ever to a perfect cup of coffee; be it espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte, Americano or any other delicious coffee brew you desire! The design of this Swiss beauty is simple, yet the functions are extremely sophisticated. Simply select strength and size of your drink on the touch screen and hit the illuminated st@rt button and the machine will grind, brew and serve in seconds.

The Impressa F70 combines all the best features of all previous models in the Jura range in a compact and stylish casing, with the display features lit up in red and blue; think B&O; Audi; the coolest designs around - now applied to your coffee machine! Features of the machine include:

- In-built Claris water filter (I.P.W.S©)
- Sensitive Touchscreen Technology©
- Rotary Switch for programming
- Cup Illumination
- Height-adjustable coffee spout
- Programmable brewing temperature
- Connector System© (Interchangeable steam arm and AutoFrothers)

Features of all Jura Impressas include:

Intelligent Pre Brew Aroma System©

  • Originally developed for gastronomy, the system was optimized by JURA.
  • The coffee powder is moistened before the actual brewing process starts.
  • The quantity of pre-brew water is adjusted to the powder quantity automatically.
  • The result: full aroma and a velvety crema.

Conical Grinding Gear

  • You can adjust the optimum grinding degree for your favourite coffee.
  • Thus, you can enjoy the full aroma.
  • The high-precision conical grinding gear produces a heterogeneous mixture of fine powder and coarser particles.

Patented Brewing Unit

  • A revolutionary innovation: the variable brewing unit.
  • Adjustable between 5 and 16 grams of coffee powder.
  • Ensures optimum pressure and brewing conditions with any quantity.
  • Allows the preparation of 2 cups in just one brewing operation, which makes all IMPRESSA machines genuine 2-cup machines.
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