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Kenwood Bowl Lid For FP920 Series

Kenwood Bowl Lid For FP920 Series

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Kenwood Bowl Lid for FP950 

Welcome to the product information page for the Kenwood Bowl Lid designed for the FP950 food processor. This high-quality lid is an essential accessory for your Kenwood food processor, ensuring a seamless cooking experience. Whether you are a professional chef or a passionate home cook, this bowl lid will elevate your culinary adventures to new heights. Read on to discover the features, advantages, and tips for using this product.

Product Advantages:

  • Perfectly compatible with a wide range of Kenwood food processors including FP479, FP480, FP481, FP486, FP487, FP580, FP581, FP582, FP586, FP691, FP693, FP696, FP698, FP910, FP911, FP920, FP921, FP925, FP950, FP929, and FP583.
  • Durable and sturdy construction ensures long-lasting use.
  • Provides a tight and secure fit to prevent any spills or leaks during food processing.
  • Transparent design allows you to monitor the progress of your recipes without removing the lid.
  • Features a convenient feeding chute for adding ingredients while the processor is in operation.
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