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Kenwood Chef Titanium stand Mixer - Pre Loved

Kenwood Chef Titanium stand Mixer - Pre Loved

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Preloved but fully serviced with a 6 months warranty!

What is the Kenwood Titanium Chef KMC010?

More than a mere stand mixer, the Titanium Chef is Kenwood’s most versatile kitchen machine yet. Its electronic controls maintain speed and power regardless of load, allowing you to prep with precision, while its standard kit can cream, beat, whisk, mix, knead and liquidise.

Three outlets mean it can also be twinned with more than 20 optional attachments to mill, grind, mince, squeeze, slice, grate and chop – effectively replacing most of the appliances in your kitchen. While some stand mixers linger around the 500-800W mark for power, the Chef Titanium packs in 1,400W. As a result, there’s isn’t a task it can’t take on – from whisking up to 12 egg whites, 2.7kg of cake batter and 2.2kg of dough to a whole dinner menu.

Kenwood Titanium Chef KMC010 – Design and Features

Made from silver die-cast aluminium with a stainless-steel bowl with handles, the Titanium chef combines professional good-looks with a sturdy, solid build.

There’s no fuss or frippery, just a dial to control the speed (min, six numbered speeds, max and pulse) and a flick switch to lift the mixer’s head. Its bowl sits snugly on a non-slip mat, while a clear splashguard protects the worktop from any flying ingredients.

It comes with a good choice of tools, too: a K-beater, whisk and dough hook – all in stainless steel – plus a creaming beater with a flexible wiper for soft mixtures.

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