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Kenwood Food Processor Bowl

Kenwood Food Processor Bowl

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Kenwood Food Processor Bowl for FP950

Welcome to our online shopping website, where we bring you the finest kitchen accessories and appliances. In this product info, we are pleased to present the Kenwood Food Processor Bowl for FP950, This high-quality bowl is compatible with several models, including FP950, FP929, FP959, FP940, FP582, FP583, FP720, FP723, FP730, FP731, FP732, FP733, FP734, FP735, and FP736. Designed to enhance your food processing experience, this bowl offers convenience, efficiency, and versatility.

Product Advantages:

  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Generous capacity for handling large quantities of ingredients
  • Easy to attach and detach for effortless setup and cleaning
  • Compatible with a range of food processor models for added convenience
  • Precision engineering ensures consistent and reliable performance
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