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Kenwood Food Processor Reamer Head FP920 Series Juice Extractor

Kenwood Food Processor Reamer Head FP920 Series Juice Extractor

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Kenwood Food Processor Reamer Head for FP680 

Compatible With:
FP479, FP480, FP481, FP580, FP581, FP582, FP583, FP586, FP590, FP591, FP593, FP680, FP690, FP691, FP693, FP696, FP698, FP905, FP910, FP911, FP920, FP921, FP925, FP940, FP950

Product Info: Kenwood Food Processor Reamer Head for FP680

Welcome to the product info page for the Kenwood Food Processor Reamer Head specifically designed for the FP680 model. If you're looking to enhance your food processing capabilities and get the most out of your FP680, this reamer head is a must-have accessory. Let's delve into the details and discover how this reamer head can revolutionize your food preparation experience.

Product Advantages:

  • Efficient Juice Extraction: The Kenwood Food Processor Reamer Head is expertly designed to extract maximum juice from fruits, ensuring you get every drop of liquid goodness.
  • Optimal Fit and Compatibility: Designed specifically for the FP680 model, this reamer head provides a perfect fit, ensuring seamless integration with your food processor.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Crafted with high-quality materials, this reamer head is built to withstand regular use, providing reliable performance for years to come.
  • Easy to Clean: The removable reamer head can be easily detached for cleaning, making maintenance a breeze and allowing you to focus on enjoying your freshly squeezed juices.
  • Versatile Use: In addition to citrus fruits, the reamer head can also be used for extracting juice from other fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges, expanding its utility in your kitchen.

Tips for Using the Product:

  1. Firmly Secure the Reamer Head: Ensure that the reamer head is securely attached to the food processor's spindle before operating it to prevent any accidents or malfunctions.
  2. Rotate Fruits While Extracting Juice: For optimal juice extraction, gently rotate the fruits while pressing them against the reamer head, ensuring maximum yield.
  3. Use Moderate Pressure: Apply moderate and consistent pressure while extracting juice to avoid straining the reamer head or the food processor's motor.
  4. Clean Immediately After Use: To prevent pulp or juice residue from drying and becoming difficult to clean, rinse the reamer head immediately after use and follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.
  5. Store in a Safe Place: When not in use, store the reamer head in a dry and safe location, protected from any potential damage or misplacement.

Ready to elevate your food processing game with the Kenwood Food Processor Reamer Head for the FP680? Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy freshly squeezed juices and expand the capabilities of your beloved food processor. Click the button below to add this reamer head to your cart and embark on a juicing adventure today!

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