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Kenwood Major Titanium Splashguard

Kenwood Major Titanium Splashguard

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Kenwood Major Titanium Mixer Splashguard 

Compatible with:
KM001, KM002, KM003, KM005, KM006, KM007, KM010, KM011, KM013, KM020, KM021, KM023, KM030, KM040, KM050, KM053, KM055, KM060, KM063, KM065, KM075, KM117, KM506, KMC010, KMC011, KMC013, KMC014, KMC015, KMC030, KMC050, KMKMMC053, KM055, KMC070, KMM020, KMM021, KMM023, KMM025, KMM040,KMM060, KMM063, KMM065, KMM075, KMT017, KMT057, KMT117, KMT167, KMP03, KMP04, KMY60, DSM5, DSM7

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