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Kenwood Liquidiser Base for FP920 Series

Kenwood Liquidiser Base for FP920 Series

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Kenwood Liquidiser Base for FP480, FP580, FP910 

Compatible With:
BL410, BL416, BL430, BL436, BL440, BL446, FP480, FP486, FP487, FP543, FP580, FP586, FP680, FP690, FP691, FP696, FP698, FP905, FP910, FP911, FP920, FP921, FP925, FP731, FP734, BL540, BL546, BL548, BL560, BL566, BL330, BL336, BL338, BL346, FP720, FP723, FP730, FP733, FP734, FP735, FP736, BL335, FP479, FP481, FP506, FP510, FP511, FP512, FP520, FP523, FP530, FP533, FP540, FP581, FP591, FP593, FP693

Kenwood Liquidiser Base for FP480, FP580, FP910: Product Info

Upgrade your Kenwood food processor with the Kenwood Liquidiser Base, compatible with the FP480, FP580, and FP910 models. This liquidiser base is designed to make your food preparation easier, whether you're blending smoothies, creating sauces, or grinding nuts.

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