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Kenwood Pusher Set for AT340 Series

Kenwood Pusher Set for AT340 Series

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Kenwood Pusher Set for AT340, AT647, KAH647 

Compatible with:
AT340, AT647, FPM800, FPM810, FPM811, KAH647, MG517, MGX400

Pusher Set - Large And Small

Are you in need of a reliable pusher set for your Kenwood kitchen appliances? Look no further! Introducing the Kenwood Pusher Set, designed to perfectly fit the AT340, AT647, and KAH647 models. This pusher set is not only compatible with these specific models, but it also works seamlessly with a range of other Kenwood appliances, including the FPM800, FPM810, FPM811, MG517, and MGX400. With its versatility and functionality, this pusher set is a must-have addition to your kitchen arsenal.

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