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Kenwood Quadrant & Bracket for KMC500 Series

Kenwood Quadrant & Bracket for KMC500 Series

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Kenwood Quadrant + Bracket for KMC500, KMC500

Compatible With:
KMC500, KMC505, KMC510, KMC515, KMC550, KMC560, KMC570, KMC577, KMM700, KMM705, KMM710, KMM715, KMM750, KMM760, KMM770, KVL4100, KVL4101, KVL4102, KVL4110, KVL4120, KVL4140, KVL4154, KVL4170, KVL4180, KVL4220, KVL4230, KVL4300, KVC3000, KVC3100, KVC3110, KVC3130, KVC3150, KVC3170, KVC3173, KVC3300

Upgrade your Kenwood kitchen machine with the Kenwood Quadrant + Bracket. This attachment is compatible with a wide range of Kenwood kitchen machines, including the KMC500 and KMC550. Whether you're baking bread, whipping cream, or kneading dough, this attachment makes it easy to get the perfect consistency every time.

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