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Magimix 5200xl Replacement Bowl Kit XL lid Black Handles

Magimix 5200xl Replacement Bowl Kit XL lid Black Handles

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Magimix 5200 XL complete bowl kit, Black handle Main Bowl Mini bowl, Midi bowl, Xl Lid, XL pushers. 18522 18523 18529 18533 18534 18584 18591 18592 18527 .....


Magimix Black handles Cuisine systeme 5200xl Replacement kit - Black handles, includes Main Bowl, XL Lid, Mini bowl, Midi bowl and xl pushers BPA non toxic plastic - Free from Phthlates and Bisphenol A - Stronger plus safer for you and your family. Please check Base of Machine of your Magimix 5200, The  main bowls are easy to clean with warm water and washing up liquid, however they are also "dishwasher safe" they are safe to wash at 40c on the top rack, but you should try to avoid the drying programme, also you are advised to use powders and liquids "suitable for plastics" rather than tablets as this will cause deterioration, marked, crazed, brittle or opaqueness, resulting in shorter life. If the bowl smells of onions rinse under a cold tap after washing.

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