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Magimix Creative Disc Kit Julienne Fluted Wide Julienne

Magimix Creative Disc Kit Julienne Fluted Wide Julienne

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Ideal for being creative. The kit includes a julienne disc, an extra wide julienne disc, and a fluted disc for cutting fresh fruit and veg. Storage box provides safe storage.

Magimix  is the creative disc set for Magimix food processors 3200 3150 4200 4150 5200 5150, 3200xl, 4200xl & 5200xl Cook expert... amaze your guests with this creative set of discs to add that special professional finish to food preparation.

  • The fine Julienne disc is 2mm x 2mm can be used for fine , matchstick size, shredding of carrots, cucumbers, apples, pears, peppers, cucumbers, onions, potatoes, courgette and all other fruit and vegetable preparation.
  • The extra wide julienne 12mm x 2mm is ideal for strips of ham, cheese or other wide julienne strips or thick shredding of fruit and vegetables.
  • The 4mm Fluted disc or Ripple cut disc is ideal for making crisps, mixed vegetable salads.
  • Plus a attractive storage box for up to 4 discs
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