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Magimix Dough Blade 3100 3150 3200 3200xl Food Processo

Magimix Dough Blade 3100 3150 3200 3200xl Food Processo

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Magimix Dough Blade 3100 3150 3200 3200xl Food Processor


 Dough blade take pushers out to let air in 18380 18381 18300 18320 18321 18280 18281 18326 18327 18328 18290 18291 18343 18322 18360 18361 18363 18365


Magimix  dough blade is for Magimix 3100 3200 3150 and 3200 xl models only, Ideal for dough. Just process the flour and butter, then add the liquid through the feeder tube and process until ball of dough is formed near handle. New dark grey colour to stop staining, Ideal for bread dough, shortcrust pastry and brioche.

DOUGH BLADE • Soft dough (brioche, choux pastry, etc.): Magimix food processors work on the rapid kneading principle. Doughs are kneaded for approximately 30 seconds, the precise time depending on the amount and type of dough. Follow the instructions carefully for each recipe. • Normal dough: for faster results, leave the dough to rise or prove at (or slightly above) room temperature. As flour is very light, you may sometimes notice a cloud of flour escaping from the bowl. To avoid this happening, put all the non-liquid ingredients (salt, flour, butter, eggs, etc.) in the bowl before adding the liquid ingredients (water, milk, etc.). Only then switch your food processor on. • You can store dough in the freezer for up to 2 months, providing you wrap it carefully in cling film. Remember to take it out the day before you intend to use it.

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