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Magimix Extra Press Kit 5200xl 4200xl Patissier, Cook Expert

Magimix Extra Press Kit 5200xl 4200xl Patissier, Cook Expert

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 Magimix Juicer Smoothie Maker with extra large feed tube - Extra press kit Green juicer  4200 5200 Cook Expert 4200 xl 5200 xl Patissier


Magimix  Juicer Press kit for 4200 4200xl 5200 5200xl Pattissier,  The ultimate magimix Juicer with a **NEW Extra large Feed tube, for larger pieces of fruits and load lots of berries 1.5kg or soft fruits, Tomatoes 1.5kg straight into tube for easy processing 

  1. Use  just the juice filter for hard or soft fruits, vegetables, greens, to produce clear juices with no pulp, or try bisques or put soups for consomme.
  2. Use the Extra Press filter to produce thick juice smoothies, nectars, coulis, or smooth soups  

  For delicious juices packed with Vitamins and nutrients, make sure you choose and use fruit and vegetbles carefully. It is best to buy organic fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables with thin edible skin : no need to peel just wash them before juicing. Stone fruit Remove stones before juicing. Fibrous fruit and vegetables or dried fruit - soak in cold water for 30 mins (fiberous greens) and  8 hours (dried fruit). get the most out of those Carrots etc. you can use the pulp for cakes or soups.

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