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Magimix Grid Part From Dicing Kit 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl

Magimix Grid Part From Dicing Kit 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl

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Magimix replacement Grid 10 x 10 for fitting in the dicing, baton & french fry kit for 3200xl 4200xl and 5200 xl Premuim.

 Magimix Grid Part From Dicing Kit 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl

Tips & Advice

• Some cuts will inevitably be irregular, depending on the shape and size of your fruit and vegetables.

• Particularly hard (e.g. carrots) or simply firm-textured foods should be cooked beforehand.

• To achieve the best possible results, hard or long vegetables (e.g. cucumber) should be cut into 4-cm pieces.

• When used to dice soft or very small items of food (e.g. strawberries), the kit will produce irregular shapes rather than cubes.

• Make sure you remove all stones, pips and/or peel (e.g. banana, orange, kiwi fruit, avocado) before dicing your fruit or vegetables.

• Most cheeses are too soft to dice, although Emmental-type cheeses can be cut into sticks. To dice feta cheese or smoked tofu, cut it into pieces first, and remove the slicing disc. For an even better result, place the cheese or tofu in the freezer for a few minutes beforehand.

• This attachment cannot be used for dicing ham.

• Do not press the pusher down too hard or you will damage the dicing kit.

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