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Magimix Micro Switch Assembly Rubber Seal Replacement

Magimix Micro Switch Assembly Rubber Seal Replacement

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Magimix Micro Switch assembly 4100 5100 3000 4000 5000 Robot Coupe R201 R201 Ultra R211, R211 Ultra R101a

Magimix  Micro Switch Assembly Rubber Seal replacement

This is the seal and safety switch which is found on the top casing of the machine - little round hole -  the bowl Handle rod goes into

If this gets damaged or worn out it will need to be replaced, this should be done by a electrician, Unplug the machine, turn upside down, take the 4 rubber feet off the base, undo the 4 screws (5000 or 4000 some have only 2 and are hinged), there are two screws holding the Microswitch undo and replace the microswitch and seal ring. Some of the 3000, 4000 and 5000 machines - the post inside is very small... so replacing helps the safety rod work more efficiently.

Robot Coupe serial numbers 

R101a 146 582,   

R101 xl  675, R201 002 676,

R201 ultra 006 677,

R211 260 678,

R211 ultra 261 679.

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