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Magimix Pusher Models 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl Patissier

Magimix Pusher Models 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl Patissier

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 This pusher is for 3200xl 4200xl 5200xl models only. These are not compatible with the 4200 or 5200 Please see model number on front of machine

Magimix is the pusher for pushing down food into lid of food processor,mainly for use with cutting discs, do not put to much pressure or force on this part as it can damage other parts. For the extra large feed this must be pushed in when using the 5200xl 4200xl or 3200xl.

The  food pushers are easy to clean with warm water and washing up liquid, however they are also "dishwasher safe" they are safe to wash at 40c on the top rack, but you should try to avoid the drying programme, also you are advised to use powders and liquids "suitable for plastics" rather than tablets as this will cause deterioration, marked, crazed, brittle or opaqueness, resulting in shorter life.   

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