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Magimix Small Mini Bowl for Le Mini Plus Food Processor

Magimix Small Mini Bowl for Le Mini Plus Food Processor

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 Magimix mini processor bowl slips simply inside the main workbowl. This gives you a useful mini processor bowl for small quantities and one-person cooking.


Magimix  mini bowl is ideal for baby food you can put directly in the microwave minus the metal blade, It is so precise it can fine chop as little as one clove of garlic, or two sprigs of parsley. Perfect for vinaigrettes, sauces, appetisers, baby foods, or a one egg mayonnaise. Use on Magimix le mini. The mini bowls are easy to clean with warm water and washing up liquid, however they are also "dishwasher safe" they are safe to wash at 40c on the top rack, but you should try to avoid the drying programme, also you are advised to use powders and liquids "suitable for plastics" rather than tablets as this will cause deterioration, marked, crazed, brittle or opaqueness, resulting in shorter life. If the bowl smells of onions rinse under a cold tap after washing.

For use with the following models please check REF on bottom of machine

14411 14412 14428 14429 14450 14452 14453 14455 14456

18226 18227 18228 18229 18231 18232 18233 18234 18235 18236 18237 18240 18241 18250 18251 18252 18253 18260 18261

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