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De'Longhi South Africa

Multigrill Contact Grill CGH 920D

Multigrill Contact Grill CGH 920D

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MultiGrill is a high-quality electric grill offering flawless cooking performance. The removable plates are equipped with integrated heating elements, allowing to grill any type of food to perfection, with extreme precision even at the highest temperatures. From delicious meet to fish, vegetables and cheese, toasted sandwiches, and much more. MultiGrill makes cooking a whole host of recipes simple, with a perfect result every time.


The higher the power, the faster the grill heats up, this is the most important factor in the formation of a crust and sealing of the juice in steak, any meat, fish, poultry. As a result, meat is not boiled.
Built-in heating element:
This type of installation of the heating element provides better thermal conductivity, and, thus higher accuracy in controlling the temperature of the panels, as well as economical energy consumption.
Removable die-cast plates:
Die-cast aluminium distributes the heat evenly and retains it for a longer period.
Separate temperature control:
Allows you to control the temperature of each of the two plates via the knobs on the control panel.
3 cooking functions:
To cook the best burgers, paninis and grill delicious meat, fish and vegetables.
Intelligent app:
Make no more mistakes with the step by step guide available on the app.
Easy to maintain
Removable non-stick plates are easy to clean
Compact size
Thanks to its compact size, the grill will fit any size kitchen

Power: 2000 W
230°C max temperature
Electronic temperature control
2 knobs to control the temperature of the plates
Large cooking surfaces: (29x23 cm). Once opened, it doubles (29x46 cm)
Removable die-cast plates with integrated heating element.
Integrated grease drip tray.
Adjustable height settings.
Storage lock.
Recipe app
1 year warranty


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