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Kenwood Multipro Express FDP65.400WH

Kenwood Multipro Express FDP65.400WH

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Prepare batches of fresh tasty food in seconds. Kenwood Multipro Express FDP65.400WH makes homemade FOOD fast and fuss-free. From big meals to small sides, with Express Serve™ you can even slice, grate and dice direct to your plate. Save time with the Express Serve™ attachment – it's perfect for grating, slicing and dicing directly onto a serving dish or into a pan.


Whether you want to cook large quantities or prepare various meals to get you through the week, Kenwood’s new MultiPro ExpressTM offers the capacity and skill to support you in the kitchen. With the original all-in-one system and the impressive range of attachments, chopping, slicing and grating has never been so quick and effortless. The new micro-serrated knife-blade offers precise and consistent chopping results, and the small footprint ensures that food preparation is made simple, whilst maximising precious kitchen space.

Original all-in-one system:
With the original all-in-one system from Kenwood, you can chop, grate, slice, blend, puree, whisk and even knead, using just one base.

Precision Cutting:
Precise and consistent results time after time, with Kenwood's cutting system and micro-serrated blades.

Express Prep:
Large 3L capacity and essential Express Prep tools for fast and effortless chopping, slicing and grating.

Space-saving Design:
Our most compact 3L designed to maximise storage

1000W Durable Motor
Speeds: 2 speed + pulse function
Duo feed tube, including a mini pusher with measurement markings, perfect for adding small quantities
Ergonomic handle at the front, nearer the dial.
Quick reference icons to show the key functions

7 Processing Tools:
3L Bowl
Micro-serrated Knife Blade
2-in-1 Baking Tool: Dough tool & Emulsifying tool
1,5L Plastic Blender
2mm Slicing Grating Disc
4mm Slicing Grating Disc
Also includes a Spatula
1 year warranty


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