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SnoMaster - 72L Dual Compartment Portable Fridge/Freezer AC/DC -Stainless Steel

SnoMaster - 72L Dual Compartment Portable Fridge/Freezer AC/DC -Stainless Steel

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Enjoy the outdoors and let this dual compartment fridge/freezer take care of your drinks and food. Whether you want to use it as a dual fridge, a dual freezer or even a fridge/freezer combo the choice is up to you, because the temperature on each compartment can be adjusted separately.

Dual Compartment
3 Speed Setting - High, Auto & Low
SnoMaster Compressor
Interchangeable Temperature Controller
Low Voltage Cut Out Setting (10, 10.7, 11.8V)
Corner Feet with Mounting Hole
Secure Input & Output Plugs
Internal LED Light
Removable Lid
Lid Open Alarm
Stainless Steel Hinges, Locks and Handles
Baskets Included
Bottle Opener Included
Solar Powered remote Control Included
Transit Bag Included
Refrigerant: 134a

Dimensions (mm) Unit: (W) 505 (L) 755 (H) 600
Dimensions (mm) Packaged: (W) 515 (L) 770 (H) 655
Storage Volume: Left: 32L, Right: 40L
Temp Range: -22C to 10C
Net Weight: 31.5Kg
Voltage AC: 230V/50Hz
Voltage DC: 12V/24V
Rated Current AC/DC: 0.52A
Compressor: 70W
Polyurethane Insulation: 60mm
Design Criteria: Operates Optimally in Ambient Temperatures Up To 43C

  • Warranty: 7 years on the compressor,3 years on the unit
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